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OVR Tournament Results for Club Hollywood VBC – Smith [FJ8-HOLLY1-OV]

Results for Club Hollywood VBC – Smith are highlighted in the following 6 tournament results.

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Tournament date:2/12/12
Location:Independence HS Fieldhouse (Independence, OH)
Director:Donna Day
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ7‑VEVBC1‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVC 17A - DAY [17A]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ8‑CXTRM1‑OVClub Extreme – 18 Regional - Creque [18R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ7‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 17 Blue [17R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ7‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 17 A ORANGE [17A]
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ7‑TUSCV1‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – 17-Alsept [17R]
7. 3rdSilverFJ8-ODYSS1-KE
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ8‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE [18R]
Girls' 17 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ7‑KIDVC2‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 17 Orange [17R]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ7‑PRIDE1‑OVPRIDE Volleyball Club – Price 17s [17R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ6‑MCVBC3‑OVMCVBC – 16 Silver [16A]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ7‑MCVBC1‑OVMCVBC – 17 Royal [17R]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ7‑VEVBC2‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVC 17RE - MCKINLEY [17R]
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ7‑TUSCV3‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – 17-McCartney [17R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑CXTRM1‑OVClub Extreme – 17 Regional - Lightfoot [17R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑SPIRT3‑OVSpirit VBC – 17R BLUE [17R]
Girls' 16 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ6‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 16 Blue [16R]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ6‑MCVBC1‑OVMCVBC – 16 Royal [16R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ6‑MCVBC2‑OVMCVBC – 16 White [16R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ6‑SPIRT3‑OVSpirit VBC – 16R ORANGE [16R]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ6‑FREAK2‑OVVolleyFreak, Jr. – Miller [16R]
6. 2ndSilverPitt Elite White
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ6‑SPIRT4‑OVSpirit VBC – 16R GREEN WAVE [16R]
7. 3rdSilverPitt Elite Red

Tournament date:2/26/12
Location:Mount Union College: The MAAC (Alliance, OH)
Director:Leigh Ann Matesich-Swartz
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ8‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 18 Regional [18R]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ8‑BFIRE1‑OVBuckeyefire – Redfire [18R]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ8‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 18 Blue [18R]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ8‑ZEROG1‑OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 18 Pink [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 18E Walter [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑CHARL2‑OVCharleston VBC – 18 Red [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑CXTRM1‑OVClub Extreme – 18 Regional - Creque [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑QSLVR1‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 18 Regional Blue [18R]
9.7.6001stSilverFJ8‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 18 Thewes/Zigman [18R]
10.6.8002ndSilverFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ8‑ECLVJ2‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 18 Ice [18R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ8‑QSLVR2‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 18 Regional Gray [18R]
13.4.4001stBronzeFJ8‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 18s [18R]
14.3.6002ndBronzeFJ8‑PGMGC2‑OVPittsburgh Magic VBC – 18 Black [18R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ8‑CGLDS1‑OVClub Gold South – Gold [18R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ8‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Jordan [18R]

Tournament date:3/04/12
Location:Maverick VBC (Parma, OH)
Director:Jennifer Larrick
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ8‑BSVBC1‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 18 Kingseed [18R]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ8‑KIDVC2‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 18 Orange [18R]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ7‑BSVBC2‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 17 Velasco [17A]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ8‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 18 Regional [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ7‑MIDOH1‑OVMOJO Volleyball – 17 HOLT [17A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 18 Thewes/Zigman [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 18 Blue [18R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ8‑NCSVC1‑OVNorth Central Select VC – 18 - Hiler [18R]
9.7.6001stSilverFJ7‑SPIRT4‑OVSpirit VBC – 17A NAVY [17A]
10.6.8002ndSilverFJ7‑IGNIT1‑OVIGNITE – IGNITE 17 American [17A]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ8‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 18s [18R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ8‑QSLVR2‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 18 Regional Gray [18R]
13.4.4001stBronzeFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
14.3.6002ndBronzeFJ8‑SEVC11‑OVSoutheast Xtreme VBC – 18 Red [18R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ8‑QSLVR1‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 18 Regional Blue [18R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ8‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE [18R]

Tournament date:3/11/12
Location:Crestview HS (Columbiana) (Columbiana, OH)
Director:Richard Wyman Jr.
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ7‑INFTY1‑OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 17 American [17A]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ8‑BFIRE1‑OVBuckeyefire – Redfire [18R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ7‑ZEROG1‑OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 17 Pink [17A]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ7‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 17A Woodland [17A]
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ7‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 17s American [17A]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 17A Osoteo [17A]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ8‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Jordan [18R]
Girls' 12 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ2‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 12 Desrosier Thomas [12R]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ2‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – D.Davidson [12R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ2‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Lowe [12R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ2‑TUSCV1‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – 12-Pry [12R]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ2‑ESVBC2‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 12 Rogers [12R]
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ2‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 12s Green [12R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ2‑CVBCO4‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 12 Pink [12R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ2‑EPICV1‑OVEPIC – LANCERS [12R]

Tournament date:3/25/12
Location:Westminster College: Memorial Field House (New Wilmington, PA)
Director:Tammy Swearingen
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldFJ8‑CAVS11‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 18 Blue [18R]
2.11.0912ndGoldFJ8‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 18 Thewes/Zigman [18R]
3.10.1823rdGoldFJ8‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Jordan [18R]
3.10.1823rdGoldFJ8‑PGMGC2‑OVPittsburgh Magic VBC – 18 Black [18R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ7‑SWATJ1‑OVS.W.A.T. Juniors – Sprockets 17 [17R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ7‑TRUMB2‑OVTrumbull VBC – Trumbull Blue 17's [17R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ8‑CGLDS1‑OVClub Gold South – Gold [18R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
9.4.7271stSilverFJ8‑RCVBC1‑OVRiverCreek – 18's [18R]
10.3.8182ndSilverFJ8‑CAVS12‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 18 Black [18R]
11. 3rdSilverFJ8-ODYSSY1-KE
11.2.9093rdSilverFJ8‑SPARK1‑OVSparks Volleyball – Sparks - Moose 18 [18R]

Tournament date:4/22/12
Location:Mount Union College: The MAAC (Alliance, OH)
Director:Leigh Ann Matesich-Swartz
Girls' 18 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldPittsburgh Premier
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ8‑KIDVC2‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 18 Orange [18R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ8‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Jordan [18R]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ8‑NEWAV2‑OVNew Wave VBC – 18-Landaker [18R]
5. 1stSilverPittsburgh Elite- Black
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ7‑MCVBV1‑OVMCVB Volleyball Club – MCVB-17-BLUE [17R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑TRIBE1‑OVThe Tribe VBC – Beastz [17R]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ8‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – Smith [18R]
Girls' 17 American   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ7‑CGLDS1‑OVClub Gold South – 17 Gold [17A]
2.8.8572ndGoldFJ7‑INFTY1‑OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 17 American [17A]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ7‑CVBCO2‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 17 Red [17A]
3.7.7143rdGoldFJ7‑OXTRM3‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 17s White [17A]
5.5.4291stSilverFJ7‑ESVBC2‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 17 Elite Simmons [17A]
6.4.2862ndSilverFJ7‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 17s American [17A]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 17A Osoteo [17A]
7.3.1433rdSilverFJ7‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 17A Woodland [17A]

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