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OVR Tournament Results for Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [FJ6-SPIRE2-OV]

Results for Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple are highlighted in the following 5 tournament results.

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Tournament date:1/22/12
Location:One Wellness (Eastlake, OH)
Director:Rodger Smith
Girls' 16 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ6‑ECLVJ1‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 16 Elite [16N]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ6‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 16 National [16N]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑ECLVJ3‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 16 Navy [16A]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Black [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ5‑ECLVJ1‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 15 Elite [15N]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑CHILL1‑OVClub Chill – 16 Blue [16R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑MCVBC3‑OVMCVBC – 16 Silver [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑QSLVR2‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 16 American Gray [16A]
9.7.6001stSilverFJ6‑ECLVJ2‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 16 Ice [16N]
10.6.8002ndSilverFJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [16A]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ6‑GCVCO4‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Co 16 Early Black [16R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ6‑GCVCO5‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Co. 16 Early Green [16R]
13.4.4001stBronzeFJ6‑MXAIR1‑OVMax Air Volleyball Club – Hartmann 16 [16R]
14.3.6002ndBronzeFJ6‑CHILL2‑OVClub Chill – 16 White [16R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑QSLVR1‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 16 American Blue [16A]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑VOKEY2‑OV1890 – Okey [16R]

Tournament:Rock-N-Roll Tournament
Tournament date:1/28-29/12
Location:GaREAT Sports Complex (Geneva, OH)
Director:Sheree Harvey
Girls' 17 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldFJ7-KEYVB1-KE
2. 2ndGoldFJ7-BUFAC1-WE
3.12.0003rdGoldFJ6‑ACAVC5‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 16A Mekinda [16A]
3.12.0003rdGoldFJ7‑LATIT1‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 ELITE - Euler [17R]
5. 1stSilverFJ7-FRONT2-WE
6.6.0002ndSilverFJ7‑LATIT2‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 EB - Perez [17R]
7.4.0003rdSilverFJ7‑GCVCO4‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Co. 17 Early Green [17R]
7.4.0003rdSilverFJ7‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-17 Purple [17R]
Girls' 16 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldFJ6-FRONT1-WE
2.18.8002ndGoldFJ6‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 16N Passarelli [16N]
3.17.6003rdGoldFJ6‑ACEVB2‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 16 National [16N]
3.17.6003rdGoldFJ6‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Black [16A]
5.15.2005thGoldFJ6‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 16N Valerie [16N]
5.15.2005thGoldFJ6‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 16E Smerglia [16A]
7.12.8001stSilverFJ6‑PGMGC1‑OVPittsburgh Magic VBC – 16 Pink [16A]
8.11.6002ndSilverFJ6‑PENHI1‑OVPenn Highlands Volleyball Club – Emerald [16R]
9. 3rdSilverFJ6-PITTS6-KE
9.10.4003rdSilverFJ6‑SWVBC3‑OVSouthwest VBC – 16 American Red [16A]
11. 1stBronzeFJ6-FRONT2-WE
12.6.8002ndBronzeFJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [16A]
13. 3rdBronzeFJ6-PITTS7-KE
13.5.6003rdBronzeFJ6‑SPIRE3‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Blue [16R]
15.3.2005thBronzeFJ6‑GCVCO5‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Co. 16 Early Green [16R]
15.3.2005thBronzeFJ6‑VOKEY2‑OV1890 – Okey [16R]
Girls' 15 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldFJ5‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 15N Miozzi [15N]
2.18.3642ndGoldFJ5‑IGNIT1‑OVIGNITE – IGNITE 15 National [15N]
3.16.7273rdGoldFJ4‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 14N Scipione [14N]
3. 3rdGoldFJ5-KEYVB1-KE
5.13.4551stSilverFJ4‑ACEVB1‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 14 Elite [14N]
6.11.8182ndSilverFJ5‑ACEVB2‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 15 National [15N]
7.10.1823rdSilverFJ5‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 15E Muniak [15A]
7. 3rdSilverFJ5-TVOVB1-LK
9.6.9095thSilverFJ5‑PENHI1‑OVPenn Highlands Volleyball Club – Jade [15R]
9. 5thSilverFJ5-PITTS6-KE
9. 5thSilverFJ5-RENAS2-KE
9.6.9095thSilverFJ5‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-15 Black [15A]
Girls' 14 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.16.0001stGoldFJ4‑ACAVC7‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 14 Ehret [14R]
2.14.0002ndGoldFJ4‑ACAVC6‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 14 Humphrey [14R]
3.12.0003rdGoldFJ4‑PCVBC1‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Sharks [14R]
3.12.0003rdGoldFJ4‑VEVBC3‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVC 14 REGIONAL ELITE- ALEXA [14R]
4. 1stSilverFJ4-PITTS6-KE
5. 2ndSilverFJ4-PITTS3-KE
7.4.0003rdSilverFJ4‑FLASH1‑OVFlash VBC – MPLWD - 14 [14R]
7. 3rdSilverFJ4-PITTS4-KE
Girls' 14 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldFJ4‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 14N Laffey [14N]
2.18.6152ndGoldFJ4‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 14E Marflak [14A]
3.17.2313rdGoldFJ4‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 14E Moore [14A]
3.17.2313rdGoldFJ4‑OXTRM2‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 14s Black [14A]
5.14.4625thGoldFJ3‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 13N Fulton [13N]
5.14.4625thGoldFJ4‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 14s Teal [14N]
7. 1stSilverFJ4-RENAS1-KE
8.10.3082ndSilverFJ4‑ACEVB3‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 14 American [14A]
9.8.9233rdSilverFJ4‑COLVA1‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – CVA 14 Silver [14N]
9.8.9233rdSilverFJ4‑MSPRT3‑OVMintonette Sports – m. 43 [14A]
11. 5thSilverFJ4-FRONT2-WE
11.6.1545thSilverFJ4‑OXTRM3‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 14s White [14A]
11. 5thSilverFJ4-PITTS2-KE
11. 5thSilverFJ4-PITTS5-KE
Girls' 13 and Under   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.16.0001stGoldFJ3‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 13E McMahon [13A]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ3‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 National [13N]
3.10.4003rdGoldFJ2‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 12N Ciavarelli [12N]
4. 1stSilverFJ3-RENAS1-KE
5.4.8002ndSilverFJ2‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 12E Fieseler [12R]
6. 3rdSilverFJ3-RENAS2-KE

Tournament date:2/11-12/12
Location:GaREAT Sports Complex (Geneva, OH)
Director:Caleb Sturrup
Girls' 17 American   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.16.0001stGoldFJ7‑PGMGC1‑OVPittsburgh Magic VBC – 17 Black [17A]
2.14.4442ndGoldFJ7‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-17 Black [17A]
3.12.8893rdGoldFJ7‑SPIRT4‑OVSpirit VBC – 17A NAVY [17A]
3.12.8893rdGoldFJ7‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 17 American [17A]
5.9.7781stSilverFJ6‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Black [16A]
6.8.2222ndSilverFJ7‑MSPRT2‑OVMintonette Sports – m. 72 [17A]
7.6.6673rdSilverFJ7‑CHILL1‑OVClub Chill – 17 Blue [17A]
8. 1stBronzeFJ5-OCTN1-WE
9.3.5562ndBronzeFJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [16A]
10.2.0003rdBronzeFJ7‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 17A Woodland [17A]
Girls' 13 American   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.16.0001stGoldFJ3‑GCVCO1‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Company 13-1 [13A]
2.14.4442ndGoldFJ3‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-13 Black [13A]
3.12.8893rdGoldFJ3‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 13A Burton [13A]
3.12.8893rdGoldFJ3‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 American [13A]
5.9.7781stSilverFJ3‑COLVA3‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – 13 A Navy [13A]
6.8.2222ndSilverFJ3‑COLVA2‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – CVA 13 Red [13A]
7.6.6673rdSilverFJ3‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 13s Teal [13A]
8. 1stBronzeFJ3-FRONT2-WE
9. 1stBronzeFJ3-RENAS1-KE
10. 2ndBronzeFJ3-RENAS2-KE

Tournament date:2/25/12
Location:Maverick VBC (Parma, OH)
Director:Jennifer Larrick
Girls' 16 American   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ6‑SPIRE1‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Black [16A]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ6‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – Advance 16s American [16A]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑ESVBC3‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 16 American Incerpi [16A]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 16s Teal [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑ACAVC5‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – 16A Mekinda [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑MIDOH1‑OVMOJO Volleyball – 16 SMITH [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – 16 American Orange [16A]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑TSJVC1‑OVToledo SJVC – 16 Rolling Thunder [16A]
9.7.6001stSilverFJ6‑ESVBC2‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 16 American Adkins [16A]
10.6.8002ndSilverFJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [16A]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ5‑NSVBC1‑OVNorthShore VBC – Didion [15A]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ6‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – 16A NAVY [16A]
13.4.4001stBronzeFJ6‑VEVBC2‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVB 16 AMERICAN - VAUGHN [16A]
14.3.6002ndBronzeFJ6‑MIDOH2‑OVMOJO Volleyball – 16 MURPHY [16A]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑QSLVR1‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 16 American Blue [16A]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑QSLVR2‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 16 American Gray [16A]

Tournament date:4/22/12
Location:Maverick VBC (Parma, OH)
Director:Jennifer Larrick
Girls' 17 Regional   
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldFJ7‑LATIT1‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 ELITE - Euler [17R]
2.11.0912ndGoldFJ6‑SWVBC3‑OVSouthwest VBC – 16 American Red [16A]
3.10.1823rdGoldFJ6‑VELIT2‑OVVarsity Elite VBC – Miday [16A]
3.10.1823rdGoldFJ7‑FLASH1‑OVFlash VBC – MPLWD- 17 [17R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple [16A]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ6‑VELIT1‑OVVarsity Elite VBC – Karcher [16A]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ7‑FREAK1‑OVVolleyFreak, Jr. – 17s Kelly [17R]
5.8.3645thGoldFJ7‑VEVBC2‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVC 17RE - MCKINLEY [17R]
9.4.7271stSilverFJ6‑VEVBC2‑OVVertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVB 16 AMERICAN - VAUGHN [16A]
10.3.8182ndSilverFJ6‑QSLVR1‑OVQuicksilver VBC – 16 American Blue [16A]
11.2.9093rdSilverFJ7‑CGLDN1‑OVClub Gold North – 17 Blue [17R]
11.2.9093rdSilverFJ7‑EPICV5‑OVEPIC – FIRE [17R]

Out-of-Region Results for FJ6-SPIRE2-OV

1 out-of-region result have been recorded

level, points
Hoosier Mideast Qualifier: American Division
Indianapolis, IN
112nd / 1220 [3-18]4.240FJ6‑SPIRE2‑OVClub SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-16 Purple


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