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OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule 2012
April 21 - April 22, 2012
Courts 4 Sports, Mason, OH

Tournament/Site Director

Ginger Hineline

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Entry Fee




Courts 4 Sports
854 Reading Road
Mason, OH 45040

Phone: 513-770-0667

Web page: http://www.courts4sports.com/

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Starting address: 



  • From Cincinnati/I-71:

    I-71 North to Western Row (Kings Island) exit. Left (west) on Western Row. Left on Reading Road (route 42). Facility is located approximately 2 miles on left.

  • From Cincinnati/I-75:

    I -75 North to Tylersville Exit. Right (east) on Tylersville. Right on Reading Road (route 42). Facility is located approximately 2 miles on left.

  • From Cincinnati/I-275:

    I-275 to Reading Road (route 42) exit. Go North off exit. Facility is located approximately 10 miles on right.

  • From Columbus:

    I-71 South to Fields Ertel exit. Right (North) on Mason/Montgomery road. Left on Tylersville. Left on Reading Road (route 42). Facility is located approximately 2 miles on left.

  • From Dayton:

    I-75 South to Tylersville Exit. Left (east) on Tylersville. Right on Reading Road (route 42). Facility is located approximately 2 miles on left.

Tournament Information

Thanks for your interest in our tournament at Courts 4 Sports

Teams may enter our tournament by sending an entry fee, team 11 digit ID#, and team contact name, address, cell phone number and email address by January 15th. Please go to www.courts4sports.com/volleyball/tournaments.aspx to register your team. Clubs can pay online with a credit card or mail a check for the registration fee. Regardless of how you pay, all teams must register online. 

Entry fee for 14A Division is $350 per team.  Please write your entry fee check
payable to:  Courts 4 Sports

And mail to:

Courts 4 Sports
Attention: Ginger Hinleine
854 Reading Road
Mason, Ohio 45040

Checks should be mailed by January 15th. If you are entering
teams in multiple events, you may want to send a separate check
per event.

Door opens at 7:00AM. There is a coaches’ meeting at
7:30AM by the concession stand. Officials are requested to be present. The tournament
starts at 8:00 A.M. sharp. 

Awards will be given to first place winners of the Gold Division.

Pool play is the best of three sets with rally scoring. Each
non-deciding set will be to 25 points with a minimum two-point
advantage (no scoring cap.) The deciding set, if needed, will be
to 15 points with a minimum two point advantage (no scoring
cap.)All warm-ups will use the 2-4-4 format; 2-minutes shared
court,4-minutes Serving Team, 4-minutes Serve Receiving team.
Teams may request the referee to tell them when to serve, usually
one minute.


Player’s bags and equipment are not allowed in the competition
area nor will teams be allowed to camp in the competition area.

Absolutely NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINK IS ALLOWED inside Courts 4 Sports. 
Keep all coolers in cars. Coolers are prohibited in and outside
facilities hosting OVR-sanctioned events. 

Setting up tables and/or cooking by teams or their support staff,
fans, coaches, or parents are prohibited at OVR-sanctioned
Directions to our facility can be found on our website at www.courts4sports.com

A Full Concession stand with a variety of foods and drinks will be available at Courts 4 Sports. 

There is plenty of padded seating for all the courts. Additional Chairs are not needed

Match Order: 
[team in () refs] 
Match 1 1 vs. 3 (2) 
Match 2 2 vs. 4 (1) 
Match 3 1 vs. 4 (3) 
Match 4 2 vs. 3 (1) 
Match 5 3 vs. 4 (2) 
Match 6 1 vs. 2 (4) 

Tournament Format - All teams advance. All teams must be ranked within their pools based on match percentage first. For any ties, use the tie-breaking procedure below. Top two teams in Pool AA and BB play in Gold tournament. Third and fourth place teams in Pool AA and BB play in Silver tournament. Top two teams in Pool CC and DD play in Bronze tournament. Third and fourth place teams in Pool CC and DD play in Copper

First Round        Pool A             Pool B            Pool C              Pool D
Seeding            1,8,9,16           2,7,10,15         3,6,11,14           4,5,12,13

                   Pool AA            Pool BB           Pool CC             Pool DD
Second Round       1st Pool A         1st Pool B        3rd Pool A          3rd Pool B
Seeding            1st Pool D         1st Pool C        3rd Pool D          3rd Pool C
                   2nd Pool C         2nd Pool D        4th Pool C          4th Pool D
                   2nd Pool B         2nd Pool A        4th Pool B          4th Pool A

Teams will officiate according the above schedule for pool play.

1. During each team’s full-court warm-up segment, the opposing
team may NOT practice with balls in the free zone surrounding the
court. Teams must go to their team bench. USAV rulebook, page 26,

2. We will be adhering to the procedures and penalties for
officials during pool play and tournament (Item 6.3)

3. Coaches and Player who are not complete with their
will not be permitted to participate in OVR Sanctioned events.  

Parents/Coaches:  If you are interested in local hotel
please send me an email to Ginger@courts4sports.com
Include the date of the tournament you will be attending.

Team/Tournament Cancellation: Per OVR regulations- a team
canceling after the entry deadline will forfeit its entry fee. A
team canceling prior to the entry deadline does not forfeit its
full entry fee if a replacement is found. A team canceling from
this tournament to enter a different tournament will forfeit its
entry fee.

Any questions, please call Ginger Hineline at 513-885-7967 or email Ginger@courts4sports.com

The following is information about our 11U and 13R tournament.  All the information above is the same except for the following:

The registration fee is $175 for 11U and 13R Division

Match Order: 
[team in () refs] 
Match 1 1 vs. 3 (2) 
Match 2 2 vs. 4 (1) 
Match 3 1 vs. 4 (3) 
Match 4 2 vs. 3 (1) 
Match 5 3 vs. 4 (2) 
Match 6 1 vs. 2 (4)

Everyone advance.  All first place and second place teams advance to the Gold Division.  All third place and fourth place teams advance to Silver playoffs.  Playoff positions on teh tournament brackets will be posted on pool finish so teams from teh same pool will not play one another in the first round. 

awards will be given to the Gold Division winners.


Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

Girls' 14 American: 4 courts (filled)

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.FJ4-BKEYE1-OV3Kaepa Buckeye VBC – Kaepa Buckeye 14 American
2.FJ4-TEAMZ5-OV49Team Z – 14 Grey
3.FJ4-BDLJV1-OV42Kaepa Borderline Jr Volleyball – 14 Hawks
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
1.FJ4-CINVA3-OV12Cincinnati Volleyball Academy – 14 Fightmaster
3.FJ4-SOVCR2-OV48SOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – SMACK Gold Knights
4.FJ4-COLVAB-OV53Columbus Volleyball Academy – 14a KATARA
 Pool 3
 team coderankteam
1.FJ4-COLVA3-OV9Columbus Volleyball Academy – 14 A Navy
2.FJ4-CHAMP3-OV26Champaign County VBC – Megamouth
3.FJ4-COVBC2-OV51Central Ohio Volleyball Club – CO14-A
4.FJ4-CINVA4-OV47Cincinnati Volleyball Academy – 14 Scott
 Pool 4
 team coderankteam
1.FJ4-EVBTC2-OV22Elite Volleyball Training Center – Elite 14 American
2.FJ4-GCVCO1-OV27Glass City Volleyball Company – Glass City Volleyball Company 14-1
3.FJ4-COLVAA-OV58Columbus Volleyball Academy – 14A KUJANG
4.FJ4-BDLJV2-OV55Kaepa Borderline Jr Volleyball – 14 Red

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assigner for this event is Ginger Hineline (ginger@courts4sports.com, 513‑770‑0667 /w, 513‑885‑7967 /m, 513‑770‑5504 /f).

April 21

  1. (hired) : Head Official
  2. (hired)
  3. (hired)
  4. (hired)
  5. (hired)
  6. (hired)

April 22

  1. (hired) : Head Official
  2. (hired)
  3. (hired)
  4. (hired)
  5. (hired)
  6. (hired)
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