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OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule 2012
Saturday, March 24, 2012
GaREAT Sports Complex, Geneva, OH

Tournament/Site Director

Caleb Sturrup

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Entry Fee




GaREAT Sports Complex
1822 South Broadway
Geneva, OH 44041

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Starting address: 



  • From Cleveland:
    Go East on I_90. Exit off of the Geneva Exit (Rt. 534). Take a left at the light heading north. GaREAT will be on your right hand side. The entrance to the sports complex is between Chops and Wendy’s Restaurant.

  • From Erie:
    Go West on I-90. Exit off of the Geneva Exit (Rt. 534). Take a right off of the exit heading north. GaREAT will be on your right hand side. The entrance to the sports complex is between Chops and Wendy’s Restaurant.

Tournament Information

Doors open at 7:00am each day. Coaches meeting will be at 8:10am.
Play begins at 8:30am.

Tournament and officiating format can be found at: 

Pool play format: 4 courts, 6 referees each day, 16 teams, 60
4 pools of 4 teams
For pools of 4 teams, the best of 3 sets will win matches. Each
non-deciding set will be won by the team that
first scores 25 points with a minimum 2-point advantage (no
scoring cap). If there is a deciding set, it will be
won by the team that first scores 15 points with a minimum
advantage (no scoring cap). Change
sides when a team earns 8 points. A point will be scored on each
rally. If the receiving team wins the rally,
they score a point and gain the serve.
Match order:
[team in () refs]
Match 1
1 vs. 3 (2)
Match 2
2 vs. 4 (1)
Match 3
1 vs. 4 (3)
Match 4
2 vs. 3 (1)
Match 5
3 vs. 4 (2)
Match 6
1 vs. 2 (4)
For the first round, teams from the same club, regardless of
should not be placed in the same pool.
Tournament format: All teams advance. All teams must be ranked
within their pools based on match percentage first. For any
ties, use the tie-breaking procedure below. 

All first-place and
second-place teams to the Gold playoffs. All third-place teams to
the Silver playoffs. All
fourth-place teams to the Bronze playoffs. Playoff positions on
the tournament brackets
will be based on pool finish to avoid teams from the same pool
playing each other in the
first round.

Tie-breaking: Since all teams advance to playoffs, ties will not
be decided by playing a set.
1. If 2 teams from the same pool are tied, their head to head
match determines their order of finish.
2. If 3 teams from the same pool are tied after match and set %
and point differential have been calculated,
a coin flip will determine their order of finish.
Set % key: 6 Sets
6-0 1.000
5-1 0.833
4-2 0.667
3-3 0.500
2-4 0.333
1-5 0.167
0-6 0.000
7 Sets
7-0 1.000
6-1 0.857
5-2 0.714
4-3 0.571
3-4 0.429
2-5 0.286
1-6 0.143
0-7 0.000
8 Sets
8-0 1.000
7-1 0.875
6-2 0.750
5-3 0.625
4-4 0.500
3-5 0.375
2-6 0.250
1-7 0.125
0-8 0.000
9 Sets
9-0 1.000
8-1 0.889
7-2 0.778
6-3 0.667
5-4 0.556
4-5 0.444
3-6 0.333
2-7 0.222
1-8 0.111
0-9 0.000

Site Information

There is plenty of bleacher seating. No chairs are allowed in the
playing area. 
Chairs are permitted in the mezzanine area only.Large areas are
for camping in the mezzanine.

Concessions and Special Features

SPIRE Fuel Nutrition Center will be open in our Aquatics
A full concession stand with hot food will also be made
***There will be opportunities for parents and siblings to take
advantage of our SPIRE Fit and Aquatics Center 
with purchases of day passes while at the tournament. 
No coolers or outside food are permitted into the facility. 
Clubs will be able to rent loges for teams and their families.
The loges will have couches, chairs and TVs for families and
players to relax
in between their matches. Teams can contact Terri Parrish for
further information. 440-466-1002 x120

Awards will be given to first and second place teams in the Gold
Division only.  


All coaches and club directors will be notified the night before
the tournament of any pending bad weather.  
If Ashtabula County is under a level three warning, the
will be cancelled.  
For any reason the tournament is cancelled, a notice will be
displayed on the OVR Junior Tournament list.  
Club directors and/or coaches and officials will be contacted
(phone,email) as soon as 
possible. Entry fee will be returned within 3 days of

Team/Tournament Cancellation:  Per OVR regulations:  A team
cancelling after the entry deadline, 
14 days prior to the tournament date, will forfeit the entry fee.

A team cancelling prior to the entry deadline does not forfeit
full entry fee if a
replacement is found.  
A team cancelling from this tournament to enter a different
tournament will forfeit its entry fee.


Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

Girls' 11s: 4 courts (filled)
 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.FJ1-ACAVC1-OV2Academy Volleyball Cleveland – 11 Woodland
2.FJ1-WEVBC2-OV47Wooster Elite VBC – Maxwell
3.FJ1-ECLVJ1-OV29Eastside Cleveland Juniors – 11 Navy
4.FJ1-CAVS11-OV53Club Ashtabula Volleyball – 11U
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
1.FJ1-ACEVB1-OV6Maverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 11s
3.FJ1-SPIRE1-OV34Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-11 Black
4.FJ1-SPIRT1-OV36Spirit VBC – 11 Pink Pumas
 Pool 3
 team coderankteam
1.FJ1-ACAVC3-OV16Academy Volleyball Cleveland – 11 Ianni
3.FJ1-SPIRE2-OV49Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-11 Purple
4.FJ1-WEVBC1-OV56Wooster Elite VBC – Becker
 Pool 4
 team coderankteam
1.FJ1-PCVBC1-OV19Players Choice VBC – Karen
2.FJ1-ACAVC2-OV15Academy Volleyball Cleveland – 11 Miozzi
3.FJ1-ECLVJ2-OV52Eastside Cleveland Juniors – 11 Orange
4.FJ1-CRUSH1-OV58Club Crush – Green
Girls' 12s: 4 courts (filled)
 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.FJ2-ECLVJ2-OV4Eastside Cleveland Juniors – 12 Ice
2.FJ2-SPIRE3-OV94Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-12 Blue
3.FJ2-FLASH1-OV75Flash VBC – MPLWD - 12
4.FJ2-ADVNC2-OV71Advance Volleyball Club – Advance 12s Black
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
3.FJ2-SPIRE2-OV92Club SPIRE (GaREAT) – Club SPIRE-12 Purple
4.FJ2-ADVNC1-OV95Advance Volleyball Club – Advance 12s Green
 Pool 3
 team coderankteam
1.FJ2-ECLVJ5-OV33Eastside Cleveland Juniors – 12 Red
2.FJ2-ACAVC2-OV12Academy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 12E Fieseler
3.FJ2-ADVNC3-OV87Advance Volleyball Club – Advance 12s Blue
 Pool 4
 team coderankteam
2.FJ2-VEVBC1-OV32Vertical Elite Volleyball Company – VEVC 12 Julie
3.FJ2-PCVBC1-OV102Players Choice VBC – Tacos

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assigner for this event is Gregory Puckrin (mpuck05@yahoo.com, 440‑813‑1144 /m).

0 officials are still required for this event.

  1. (hired) : Head Official
  2. (hired)
  3. (hired)
  4. (hired)
  5. (hired)
  6. (hired)
  7. (hired)
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