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OVR Archives: 2008-2009 Season
Juniors' Clubs and Teams in the Ohio Valley Region

The following list reflects registrations for the 2008-2009 season, which will continue to arrive through early 2009. A comprehensive list of clubs and teams registered last season, most of which will return for 2007-2008, is available in the OVR Archives. For advice on finding a club, see our Frequently Asked Questions. The first column contains links to sanctioned tryouts. Grade-level teams are also indicated. For example, "G 14R/8G" indicates a girls' 14 Regional, 8th-grade team. Definitions for age-level and grade-level teams are available at www.ovr.org/juniors/divisions.php.
Letter to club directors: October 12, 2008

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registration number
Air City VBC
Kettering, OHMonte L. Moser, Director937‑241‑6341 /m
Carol Bysak, Asst. Director937‑458‑2468 /w
937‑623‑3049 /m
  14 BlackB 14sMJ4-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-43
  14 GreenB 14sMJ4-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-44
  16 BlackB 16sMJ6-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-41
  16 GreenB 16sMJ6-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-42
  17 BlackB 17sMJ7-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-28
  17 GreenB 17sMJ7-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-29
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-22
  18 GreenB 18sMJ8-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-25
  18 WhiteB 18sMJ8-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-26
Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed, Director724‑251‑9646 /h
724‑266‑2833 x3212 /w
724‑869‑5321 /f
  BVP 14-1B 14sMJ4-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-24
  BVP 18-1B 18sMJ8-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-23
Cincinnati Attack, Inc.
West Chester, OHBarry Silber, Director513‑791‑1444 /h
Julie Lovell, Asst. Director513‑777‑4115 /h
513‑520‑0663 /m
  15 BlackB 15sMJ5-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-17
  15 RedB 15sMJ5-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-18
  15 GoldB 15sMJ5-CATTK3-OVOV-MJ-19
  16 BlackB 16sMJ6-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-36
  16 RedB 16sMJ6-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-40
  16 GoldB 16sMJ6-CATTK3-OVOV-MJ-45
  16 WhiteB 16sMJ6-CATTK4-OVOV-MJ-46
  16 GrayB 16sMJ6-CATTK5-OVOV-MJ-47
  17 BlackB 17sMJ7-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-34
  17 RedB 17sMJ7-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-35
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-16
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-27
Cincinnati Thunder Trunks
, Michael Joseph Ober, Director513‑251‑7317 /h
513‑552‑4402 /w
513‑259‑8712 /m
  16'sB 16sMJ6-CTT151-OVOV-MJ-61
East Deer VBC
Tarentum, PABradley Jacob Reiher, Director724‑275‑1169 /h
Joseph William Guiciardi, Asst. Director724‑226‑3348 /h
724‑325‑6648 /w
412‑952‑8014 /m
  BucksB 18sMJ8-EDEER1-OVOV-MJ-15
Exile Volleyball Club
Pittsburgh, PADrew Alan Vosefski, Director724‑539‑7794 /h
724‑989‑3226 /m
724‑537‑3274 /f
John Lawrence, Asst. Director412‑341‑0242 /h
412‑417‑5828 /m
  Exile 16 GreenB 16sMJ6-EXILE1-OVOV-MJ-51
  Exile 18 GreenB 18sMJ8-EXILE1-OVOV-MJ-49
  Exile 18 BlackB 18sMJ8-EXILE2-OVOV-MJ-50
Columbus, OHJeanne Renee' Colpus, Director614‑546‑7091 /h
614‑206‑6140 /w
614‑546‑7091 /m
Dennis Dahlberg, Asst. Director 
  18B 18sMJ8-MATCH1-OVOV-MJ-3
Mizuno Cincy Classics
Mason, OHNicole Salisbury, Director859‑640‑5325 /h
513‑983‑2494 /w
Alvin S Royse, Asst. Director513‑779‑8839 /h
513‑346‑2722 /w
John Spinney, Asst. Director513‑922‑2430 /h
859‑344‑3634 /w
Connie Rae Sternberg, Asst. Director513‑779‑8839 /h
513‑346‑2722 /w
  17 RedB 17sMJ7-MCCVC1-OVOV-MJ-20
  17 BlackB 17sMJ7-MCCVC2-OVOV-MJ-21
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-MCCVC1-OVOV-MJ-33
  Boys 18 BlackB 18sMJ8-MCCVC2-OVOV-MJ-52
Power Elite VBC
Akron, OHRichard Jackson, Director330‑854‑0479 /h
330‑752‑4692 /w
330‑685‑0128 /m
Ken Krieg, Asst. Director330‑837‑3169 /h
412‑496‑0272 /m
  Power Elite 16UB 16sMJ6-POWER1-OVOV-MJ-12
  Power Elite 17UB 17sMJ7-POWER1-OVOV-MJ-13
  Power Elite 18UB 18sMJ8-POWER1-OVOV-MJ-14
Southwest VBC
North Olmsted, OHLoren Paulozzi, Director440‑476‑3932 /h
440‑476‑3932 /m
  16 BoysB 16sMJ6-SWVBC1-OVOV-MJ-37
  17 BoysB 17sMJ7-SWVBC1-OVOV-MJ-38
  18 BoysB 18sMJ8-SWVBC1-OVOV-MJ-39
Tool City
Meadville, PAGregory W. Donor, Director814‑967‑4476 /h
  14's OrangeB 14sMJ4-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-58
  Royals 16B 16sMJ6-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-32
  16's OrangeB 16sMJ6-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-56
  16's WhiteB 16sMJ6-TLCTY3-OVOV-MJ-57
  17's OrangeB 17sMJ7-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-54
  17's WhiteB 17sMJ7-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-55
  Royals 18-1B 18sMJ8-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-30
  Royals 18-2B 18sMJ8-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-31
  TrojansB 18sMJ8-TLCTY3-OVOV-MJ-48
  18's OrangeB 18sMJ8-TLCTY4-OVOV-MJ-53
VANGUARD Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHLarry Worth, Director614‑207‑3821 /h
614‑207‑3821 /m
614‑948‑1248 /f
Shawn Parsell, Asst. Director614‑404‑6669 /m
  13 SilverB 13sMJ3-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-11
  14 BlackB 14sMJ4-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-10
  16 BlackB 16sMJ6-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-7
  16 SilverB 16sMJ6-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-8
  16 WhiteB 16sMJ6-VANVC3-OVOV-MJ-9
  17 BlackB 17sMJ7-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-59
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-4
  18 SilverB 18sMJ8-VANVC3-OVOV-MJ-5
  18 WhiteB 18sMJ8-VANVC4-OVOV-MJ-6

12 clubs and 61 teams listed.