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OVR Archives: 2005-2006 Season
OVR-Kaepa® USA 2005-2006 Juniors' Tournament Schedule

The following information from the Ohio Valley Region's 2005-2006 season is archived for reference and to help with planning for 2006-2007.

Publication Schedule for the 2005-2006 OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule: OVR-hosted tournaments and boys' tournaments will be published early to help with planning. The full regular-season schedule will be published at 8AM on Sunday, December 18, 2005.

Tournament Directors: Applications for Sanction are accepted beginning September 1. Instructions and forms are available in the Juniors' Tournament Packet. Visit www.ovr.org/juniors/sanction/ to have your tournament(s) sanctioned.

Tournament Directors: Please specify teams entered in your events by their team codes (e.g. FJ8-EXAMP1-OV), and list the officials who will be working your events. Team codes will automatically be expanded to their correct, full names, improving your tournament listings and the accuracy of submitted results. Out-of-region teams should be specified by name.

Club Directors and Team Reps: Please consult the column containing the number of openings, saving time for you and directors of tournaments that are already filled. Then for those to which you do commit, promptly send your entry fee!

Every team and individual must be registered before participating in a USAV-OVR tournament. No one will be permitted to play without a valid registration number. Club directors, team reps, and tournament directors are all responsible for ensuring compliance. Violations will result in sanctions to individuals, teams and/or clubs.

The OVR-Kaepa USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule is a vehicle for the advertisement of OVR- and selected USA Volleyball-sanctioned events. The OVR itself is not the promoter of these events unless listed as such. Tournaments hosts are solely responsible for the events they have had sanctioned through the OVR. See also: OVR Data Services Terms of Use.

OVR Juniors' Tournament Director:
Tom Kohl (kohl@ovr.org, 937-773-7273 /h)

Abbreviations used in the Juniors' Tournament Schedule
efentry fee
Ggender: Girls or Boys
Cnumber of courts (4-team pools)
Tnumber of team openings (blank if unknown, negative if there's a waiting list)
Onumber of officials needed
TDTournament Director
OAOfficials' Assigner (listed when different from the TD)
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