Juniors' Clubs and Teams in the Ohio Valley Region
2003-2004 Archive

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The following information from the Ohio Valley Region's 2003-2004 season is archived for reference and to help with planning for 2004-2005.

ACCEPTABLE USE: Contact information provided in the following list may be used only for communications in keeping with Ohio Valley Region participation, operation, and policies. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions, or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden. Messages sent through this facility are monitored to prevent abuse. Other mechanisms should be used for communications that are to be confidential.
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Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed724-251-9646 /h
724-266-2833 x3212 /w
724-869-5321 /f
  BVP 18-1B 18CMJ8-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-10
Big Monkeys
Pittsburgh, PADan Brown 
  Big MonkeysB 18CMJ8-BMONK1-OVOV-MJ-25
Powell, OHMary De Jute614-738-2557 /h
  18 BlackB 18CMJ8-CAVEV1-OVOV-MJ-29
Cap City VBC
Dublin, OHPam Lewis614-766-5675 /h
  18 SilverB 18CMJ8-CCVBC1-OVOV-MJ-22
  18 WhiteB 18CMJ8-CCVBC2-OVOV-MJ-23
  18 BlackB 18CMJ8-CCVBC3-OVOV-MJ-24
Cincinnati Attack, Inc.
West Chester, OHBarry Silber513-791-1444 /h
513-791-0735 /w
  U14-2 RedB 14CMJ4-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-42
  U15-1 BlackB 15CMJ5-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-19
  U15-2 RedB 15CMJ5-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-20
  U16-1 BlackB 16CMJ6-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-18
  U16-2 RedB 16CMJ6-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-36
  U17-1 BlackB 17OMJ7-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-16
  U17-2 RedB 17CMJ7-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-17
  U18-1 BlackB 18OMJ8-CATTK1-OVOV-MJ-12
  U18-2 RedB 18CMJ8-CATTK2-OVOV-MJ-13
Dayton Jrs.
Fairborn, OHPhil Anders937-879-0009 /w
Howard Garcia937-879-4597 /h
Yoon Ha937-291-9907 /h
877-535-2813 /f
Monte Moser937-241-6341 /m
Elaine Viney937-252-5680 /h
937-767-6261 /w
937-212-8090 /m
Tara L Whitaker937-293-0382 /h
937-241-3306 /m
  14 GoldB 14CMJ4-DJVBC1-OVOV-MJ-4
  16 GoldB 16CMJ6-DJVBC1-OVOV-MJ-5
  16 BlackB 16CMJ6-DJVBC2-OVOV-MJ-6
  17 GoldB 17CMJ7-DJVBC1-OVOV-MJ-7
  18 GoldB 18CMJ8-DJVBC1-OVOV-MJ-8
Foothills VBC
Latrobe, PADrew A Vosefski724-539-7794 /h
  Boys' 18 BlackB 18CMJ8-FOVBC1-OVOV-MJ-30
Mizuno Cincy Classics
Mason, OHAl Royse513-346-2722 /w
513-518-4963 /m
Connie Rae Sternberg513-779-8839 /h
513-346-2722 /w
  17-1 RedB 17OMJ7-MCCVC1-OVOV-MJ-14
  18-1 RedB 18OMJ8-MCCVC1-OVOV-MJ-15
Northcoast VBC
Akron, OHMargie D Belman330-869-0279 /h
  14's GoldB 14CMJ4-NCOST1-OVOV-MJ-11
  NC 16's BlackB 16CMJ6-NCOST1-OVOV-MJ-3
  NC 18's GoldB 18OMJ8-NCOST1-OVOV-MJ-2
Renaissance Volleyball Club
Pittsburgh, PAJohn C. Turchek412-831-0576 /h
  Renaissance 15 RedB 15CMJ5-RENAS1-OVOV-MJ-40
  Red-16B 16CMJ6-RENAS1-OVOV-MJ-28
  Renaissance Black 16B 16CMJ6-RENAS2-OVOV-MJ-37
  Renaissance Red 17B 17CMJ7-RENAS1-OVOV-MJ-38
  Renaissance Black 17B 17CMJ7-RENAS2-OVOV-MJ-39
  Red-18B 18OMJ8-RENAS1-OVOV-MJ-26
  Black-18B 18OMJ8-RENAS2-OVOV-MJ-27
Tool City
Meadville, PAGregory Ward Donor814-967-4476 /h
  14sB 14CMJ4-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-31
  16sB 16CMJ6-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-32
  17sB 17CMJ7-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-33
  RoyalsB 18CMJ8-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-1
  TrojansB 18CMJ8-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-21
  18-1sB 18CMJ8-TLCTY3-OVOV-MJ-34
  18-2sB 18CMJ8-TLCTY4-OVOV-MJ-35
  Fall 18'sB 18CMJ8-TLCTY5-OVOV-MJ-43

11 clubs and 43 teams listed.